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Rise of Mythos Hack – Download Free

Rise of Mythos Hack – Download Free

Rise of Mythos Cheat, Hack, Tool, Trainer 100% Working

Download the Rise of Mythos Cheat, Hack, Tool, Trainer 100% Working now before it gets patched and updated. Get access to secret Rise of Mythos cheats such as unlimited gold, rubies, silver, crystals and enable VIP 10 in Rise of Mythos Facebook game.

Rise of Mythos
is a Facebook online game that combines the excitement of collectible trading card games with MMO (massive multiplayer online). In this game, you are the Lord hero of Silver Ridge, that has the power to summon units. You will be choosing one of four powerful classes namely, Warrior, Ranger, Mage and Priest. Each of the class the its own strengths and weaknesses.

You will be building your deck from creature cards and will use them to protect the Silver Heron Ridge City from evil forces that is lurking around. Take on powerful AI opponents as you play or battle with other players in the Challenge Hall. Get powerful rewards by fighting on the Ascension Tower and prove that you have the best deck in Rise of Mythos.

Basic Gameplay:

  • Units are displayed as cards, but come alive on the battlefield. At the end of each turn, one unit from your deck will be added to your hand.
  • You will need to place units on the battlefield to attack the enemy.
  • To do this, you will need to select a unit card to begin. Then, click the highlighted square to summon your unit and take the fight to the enemies.
  • You can place units on the first 3 squares of the combat lane.
  • Press Space or click “End Turn” button to end your turn.
  • Your main objective is to reduce the enemy Hero’s Life to 0 to defeat them.


Rise of Mythos Hack Tool Features:

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Rubies
  • Unlimited Silver
  • Unlimited Crystals
  • Enable VIP 10 HackDownload Button

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